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In any case, the beauty standard for foreigners differs greatly from a Chinese one. While one could even argue that foreigners share a higher standard of beauty in their native countries, the difference in the standards is like night and day. The difference in standards even causes people like your mom to go out of her way to try to change your standard of beauty for yourself in the first place. If you want to be popular, then you have to act like a local. Which can be a big problem since in any case, it is not very popular to act like a local. Moreover, it is not like you are actually going to succeed. You need to act like a localIf you are going to act like a local, then you can do it the correct way. While its possible that there is some secret to be found or some universal standard of beauty, you can probably do a whole lot better by adopting a local standard. If you are going to act like a local, then you can do it the correct way. Youve always thought that you were different, and despite your efforts to fit in, you just dont feel like you are. A part of you wants to be a celebrity, but you know that the only reason why you havent been is because of your low self- esteem. Being different is one thing, being unpopular is quite another. Besides, you can never really be sure that the popular people are being genuine about it. Do you even want to be with someone who is going to lie to you all the time. You are the girl who always tried to impress people with your great beauty and good figure, and now you feel like youve gone too far. A part of you has always thought about going back to your home country, but youve just recently realized that you dont even know what you like about it anymore. And you cant imagine ever wanting to do another job there. Besides you still have a lot of things to learn about the new culture and it just dont seem like the right time to do it. On the other hand, you dont want to go back home either. There is still all that you are going to have to put up with as a.

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