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Both shimmers blend in-the-sun, and theyrenot sticky. Thisis a must-have palette for all you beauty-lovers. You should not use any of the shades for the face, on which we advise you to purchase the Gold Sands 3D palette, see above Our recommendations are for the face only. The bronze Gold Sands shades have the same formula as the Bronze Sands palette. The highlighter in this palette is Sunglass from the Superlamby Sunnies Palette. It is an amazing highlighter that you can read about it in our reviews here for the Superlamby sunnies palettes. You can also read our reviews of the other highlighter shades from the Coal palette here. Beach Pals Palette contains- 7 Shimmers in Warm Gold and Bronze- 3 Shimmers in Sunshiny Gold and Bronze- 3 Shimmers in Luxuriant Gold and Bronze- 2 Shimmers in Shiny Gold and Bronze- 1 Shimmer in Bronze Sands- 1 Blending Brush- The Bronze Sands- A GEL Eye Gloss in Sunglass, Highly Recommended for you. – A GEL Eyeliner in Coal, Recommended too. We recommend the palette for all shades that are not too pale for the face, or too warm for the face. This palette is not for those with very pale skin, or very warm skin. The shimmer shades look better together than they would alone, and this is what makes it more perfect, since you can easily mix your favourite shades, with or without each other. The Coal shade even has its own standalone Coal highlighter. The gold shimmers and the bronze shimmers are very similar in formula. We would recommend that you keep all of them separate from each other. If you have any questions, please dont hesitate to ask, Were always happy.

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