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This post is part of the Raw Beauty Supplements Series, and this is an excerpt from it for those who want moreRaw Beauty Supplements:For the latest info, products, and reviews on raw foods and ingredients, click here to enter your email. Raw Beauty Supplements is a new way to live the real and natural way. For me, and many of my friends who are vegan and raw foodists, there is no way around it our bodies are not made to be processed foods. There is also no way of knowing where the food has come from. Our bodies are naturally adapted to process food in a way that does not harm us. The body is a machine that processes food by breaking it down into energy components with high nutritional value. We are not a factory that uses animals for food, we are animals that consume animals. In this post, I will tell you more about the history of life, the natural world, and what it is about these natural products that makes them healthier than animal-derived food. This is why I believe that natural food products have more potential to cure disease than chemical- or processed food products and are an excellent way to live a healthier life. Why we are not animalsWhen we eat animals, we take in animal hormones and antibiotics, which can be good for keeping our bodies in good health, but it is not good for us in the long run. If we only ate animals that were not sick or injured, we would have more energy to build or repair healthy cell tissue or bodies from our cells, which means more muscle or lean tissue. If we were not animals, we could get all our energy from eating the plants on which we evolved. Animals are adapted to eating animals and animals are adapted to eating plants. If we were animals that ate plants instead, our bodies would be different and there would be benefits to eating other animals, but we would not be living our natural lives. Grains are what gives us energy and the ability to recover after a workout. Nuts are an excellent source of healthy fat and protein. Proteins are the building blocks that all living cells require. And of course, all food is good for your body because you dont need to eat a diet of processed food. If we only ate healthy food, our bodies would be in a healthy state. Thats why we need to eat healthy foods.

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