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S Inauguration ceremonies will not only feature the inauguration of a new president, but also the swearing in of a new commander-in-chief. Inauguration events will also include the singing of the national anthem by the National Anthem Choir as well as the laying of wreaths. This is all part of the festivities leading up to the inauguration of Donald Trump as the 45th president of the United States of America. But who is the big name celebrity that will be participating in the Inauguration Ceremonies. The singer of the hit music video for her No. Trump supporters are always quick to suggest that Beyonce is not the right choice for the Inauguration. Well, if that is true then why was she invited for the Presidential Inauguration. I am going to go out on a limb and say that it was because of her position in the entertainment industry and specifically, that she has performed for the President of the United States. Beyonce was a staunch Clinton supporter and it is no secret that she has performed at many events for Secretary Clinton. Not only was this a major breach of protocol, but it was also a breach of ethics to accept an invitation to perform at a political party for a political person. Beyonce had a chance to say no to Secretary Clinton and she chose to say yes. S invitation to perform at the 2012 Presidential Inauguration, she would have lost the chance to perform in front of a record breaking crowd for her new album. If she had declined President Clintons invitation, she would have lost the opportunity to perform for the very people who helped pay for her new album. If Beyonce truly believes that she believes what she claims, she would have performed in opposition to President Trump and to the benefit of his opponent in the upcoming presidential election. Who knows what her real intentions might be if she really felt like she represented the people who support Donald Trump. S first female run for the highest office in the land is no longer just about the role of women in history.

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