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You stayYouve had enough of watching another mans mind, and youre not going to be one of those people watching a man who looks like Kevin Spacey masturbate to a woman who looks like Annette Bening for the next hour and a half. You stay at the computer, but only until the end time when you get off for the day and go home. When you finally go home you cant really tell whats changed. The place is still packed with people, but you dont see as many people standing in line, or sitting on the nearby couches. You also notice that the movie theater is gone, but you dont know what happened to that. You sit on your couch and feel like youre in a dream. You head upstairs, open the door, and see a room lit by a single small light. You sit down on the sofa and find yourself in a living room lit by a single, large light. You didnt tell me this was your room. I thought you were in a dream, the voice says. Lets try to wake up the man in the bed, you say. You wake up Kevin SpaceyYou wake Kevin Spacey up. Youre not really sure why youre doing this. Surely youre not dreaming, so why bother waking him up. You dont get out of bed and instead lean up against the wall. Kevins eyes open and then immediately go black. Then you feel the bed move and the mattress begin to move. Your neck twitches and a small hand reaches toward you, but doesnt grab you. You find yourself in a dark room, with no windows and.

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