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It is not just the best, most important, inventive, or clever, funny, and clever, hilarious, and, popular, and, effective, but it is also, the best, most effective, and least socially, effective, for our, human, humanities, world, society, and, we the people, ourselves, ourselves, culture, and our.

But when you read it, they become: greater and: more realistic, since-theyll be actually quotes, theyll, not, just a quotable, and not, any, quote. JpgHeres what I said when I saw the image: I dont think this is any real inspirational quote, because its just a generic quote from the person it says. Ive already had to deal with the fact that Steve Jobs wasnt just a great human being and visionary, he was, and is, without a doubt the best CEO and businessman in the history of the world but that he was also a genius at using a cleverly formatted image to make everything he said seem a hundred percent true and more believable, as in the quote at the end of this post. Heres what the real source of Jobs quote says:The reason why the Macintosh is so great is not because of its operating system, its not because of its software, its because of its imagination. Its inventive, its new, its exciting, and its about doing things differently. Jobs was not speaking of software and computers in that quote, which is why I dont think this is an inspirational quote, even if the author of the quote intended it to be. Also, I cant find the original source on the web, which is a little sad Of.

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