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Or maybe you are a regular on Twitter and you have followers of your own. You decide to check out the accounts of the folks you are following and you see that all of them have the same photos posted to them on the regular. You even know who is behind some of the accounts. You trust someoneYou have no reason to believe it isnt just random people posting pictures to gain followers. Whos going to be the dumb fuck that posts something that is a blatant lie. No, you trust that it is some sort of conspiracy. There is no way that those people posting these pictures in such a concerted effort could be a group of random people. You decide to go back to checking out the regular peoples accounts. You continue to go back and forth between the regular accounts and the following accounts. There are many people that you follow on both of the previous accounts and you look at the same pictures on both accounts. You see that there have been some changes. Sometimes they change their names as well. Most of them dont have any pictures posted to them. They also have changed the pictures that they have posted. They will try to show you some of the photos as if they are new. And it would be easy enough for them to do that since they are all new photos. But the same photos that look new are the same pictures that were already on the instagram accounts. Some of them look like they are from different days. Other pictures are from the same place, time, and even people. Most of the photos also were taken by different people and uploaded to different accounts. They were all taken with a cell phone camera and posted to instagram a few years ago. Some of the pictures look to have been taken by different people. Some of the pictures looked to have been taken a long time ago. You dont see anything obvious to suggest that this was just random people from the internet posting pictures for the hell of it. Some of these people arent even following you and are posting to your account instead. It seems you are the only person they are following.

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