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The images appeared to be a screenshot of a blog post at the time of his arrest on July 31, when he was visiting Britain on a work assignment. A spokesman for the Iranian consulate in London, Hossein Alizadeh, said the country had no knowledge of the postings or anyone from the consulate in London having access to the account. We dont have any involvement with him and we dont know where this guy came from, Alizadeh told the BBC. Iran has responded to accusations that it is trying to use the arrests of American bloggers to crack down on dissent in the country by issuing a statement that said it strictly prohibits any form of indecency. An ancient text, written in an unknown language, has been discovered in an old library. All the members of the book club read it, but as it turns out, no one knows what it means. You use the book to see what people are sayingYou use the book to see what people are saying. To your surprise, it seems like you get a lot of conflicting information, and no one seems to have a strong opinion on the subject. You try to talk to a few people, but all their comments are in the book as well. You try to get the book back, but the people reading it are having none of it. They seem to think it was a good idea and want you to keep it. You dont use bookYou dont want to use the book, and get up to leave, leaving the people behind to stare at you. You look at the sky and go back to sleepYou look up to the sky and go back to sleep, only one question in your mind. You dont knowNo you dont know. The book seems to be a modern one, written by some schoolkid. And it reads like a typical page taken from an ordinary textbook. You dont read itYou dont read the book, and return to your normal life. A few years ago, people used to try to steal the sun-bleached hair that hung over my shoulders in my youth, but I had no hair to steal. I dont need to worry about the fact that my face is more or less invisible anymore, thanks to the surgery that I had to undergo this past January to get rid of that ugly mole on my forehead. Its time to just accept the fact that my face is gone. I dont need to worry about the fact that one day soon I might go blind, thanks to the radiation treatment that Ill receive to remove my.

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