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A natural gray lens may be acquired by dying your hair very black. All your lenses will be shipped throughly protected shipping on monday. ITS BECAUSE YOU DONT LIKE THE WAY EVERYONE IS SHOVING A FRACTION OF INTEREST ON YOU THAT YOU EXIT THE CHINESE MUSE. THE CHINESE MUSE HAS NO MORE CHINESE PEOPLE. The next morning, you wake up to the sound of a chipping sound on the floor. You dont feel like getting up right away, so you get out of bed and move to the kitchen just so you can get a better feel of the floor. You begin to get anxious, but decide to just go with your gut feeling and run outside to the living room. You run back in to your room and back out the door, as fast as you can. You open the door and see a small group of people just outside. Its Mom, its Mom, its Mom, we need to go, you shout. You run towards her as fast as you can, as more shouts of Its coming from outside go up from inside. The sounds of the chipping sounds get louder and louder. Suddenly, you feel a strong pain in your head. You fall to the floor with your arm outstretched over your head. The sound of the rocks hitting the ground gives you goose bumps. Im sorry, son, but we didnt go far enough, the voice says. You can only stare at your mother with wide eyes.

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