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You watch Sleeping Beauty, Part II, WEDNESDAYYou are awake and ready to go. However, you are not entirely sure how to proceed. There are many opportunities, but none seem to be of the right kind or you need the money to gamble. Your options are to go to the theatre, which you do not like to do, and to go back to your place to smoke some marijuana, which makes you feel good. There are many opportunities, but you need the money, so you need to decide on one of the opportunities. You think about sleeping in your car which you are going to do this week, but then you remember that you will be driving at night on a deserted highway and that you cannot risk getting arrested by a cop. You cannot sleep in your room either because it is located in a bad neighborhood and it is very dangerous there. It is then that you remember that you have been working for a prostitute for the past two weeks and that your salary has been increased from 10 to 15 dollars per hour. You have been working at a place called the Shit and Whores because you are in an old whore house. You get the money by giving the women and the john a dime each, and then you get the money for doing sex. You have been doing this for two weeks and you are now making the same amount of money as you.

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