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He also becomes ugly in the endgame of that curse. Is 2011 The Blossom The The You watch the animeOkay, no point in watching an anime that looks like it was made in the 90s. Youll just look like a grumpy old man with a cat. You turn your head, see a red light on the wall, and thats when you catch a glimpse of the front door. Your eyes are wide, and you start to sniff the air. A red light is flickering, on the wall, like a small streetlamp; a small red car is pulling into the driveway. You sit up, looking about to see where exactly she could be. Her car is parked near your door, next to a black gate. Youre sitting up, staring at her, feeling a mixture of excitement and fear. I have to use the bathroom, you can get some rest. She begins to fumble around in a bag, pulling out a key and sliding it into the lock. You start to get up and start to rush to the door. Now you hear some muffled noise, and the sound of the lock turning. No, I have to go, You hurry up to the door and unlock it, and turn back to her. Thank you, Ill just get the mail. You head out of the room and into the hallway.

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