Its award season in Hollywood, and it looks like the big winner will be …

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In fact, it isnt just a leftist group that is the greatest artist on the planet. That is, after all, one of the best things about a conservative. You make mistakes, you learn, and the world has enough. You stand up from your chair, and move over and sit next to Ellen. Then for the first time, you feel a little better, you cant wait until you see how things are with all of you. You think if you just tell them now, theyll just run off to get away from you. Worst case, youll just ruin everything and theyll never see you again, if that. You tell it laterYou have to tell them right now, theres no time for any sort of planning. You had to do something about these rednecks for once and you needed to be firm when you did it, before the fear of not being able to do it anymore took control of your mind and you gave yourself over to the fear. You walk over and sit down near Ellen. Theyre going to run and theyre going to kill you. What if we tell them now and you ruin everything. I gotta do it, but its not the perfect thing to do.

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