Jacoby Ellsbury, outfielder for the New York Yankees…

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Your job is to gather photos from all around the city. You ask as you gather the photos to be taken. Re up against a deadline, not us. Before you can finish your joke, you see a small figure come through the wall. You quickly take another photo using your phone. Re still in shock as you start photographing everything in your sight. Even with your career as a photojournalist, you always kept trying to try new things. You start taking pictures of every building you can find on your phone. Re taking more and more pictures that you had no intention of taking before. I never knew there were so many celebrities living in Bend. Re taking pictures of buildings and cars, you also start getting a little sidetracked by other things. Re not paying sufficient attention to the road at the time. You shout and immediately grab your phone. You take the best photo so far. Jacoby says, and then he takes his photo too.

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