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Oh thank you, thank you so much. Theyre not going to be cheap at Sephora, but its a hell of a lot cheaper than buying it individually. Then, you open the box and grab out one of the jars. The jar is a clear red color, and has the Jart logo engraved into the side just above the cap, a label saying Beauty, and the word Balm inscribed into the glass. Well first, you see nothing inside it. Then, a faint, milky-yellow liquid starts pouring out of the jar. It isnt much, and it sure isnt anything you wanted. This isnt a pleasant odor, but it quickly dissipates. You look at the label again, and it doesnt say anything about any particular fragrance. You begin to look for something else inside the jar, but youre not finding too much more thats going to help with your hair. Ive been trying to cut my hair for years, and Ive tried everything I can think of. When you reach the bottom of the jar, the top is completely wet, as if its been sitting in a sink of water or spilling out of a bottle. The jar smells like old coffee with a little bit of soap, and leaves you feeling somewhat nauseous. Youre not sure what else you should do, and it would seem the last thing you want to do is go to a hair dresser. You check out the reviews on AmazonYou open up the Amazon page for Jart, and start reading the reviews. In fact, you click through all of them, as you keep looking for something that might even help. The reviews start getting really negative, but then theres a positive one. After reading enough reviews of the same product, you get a better understanding of what this product is. Its odd, but the reviews on the jar dont actually say that much about the product, its mostly about the packaging.

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