Jennifer Lopez, Charlize Theron and more stars admit to having gray …

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Sigh, Oh yeah, that thing with the gas station bathroom stall and all that. T exactly behind the wheel, but I was just hanging out near the vehicle in the parking lot. M not exactly sure of the exact distance due to all the traffic, but I think it was close to a half mile. T really paying attention to the roads at the time. The car swerved to avoid a stopped vehicle, hit a telephone pole and eventually we came to a stop. T even notice at the time, but I guess I broke my back. T break the first time someone bumps into you. I thought you said you broke your back and you were paralyzed. S kind of why the cast and the brace was so helpful, because I was in such a vulnerable position while I lay on the broken pavement. In any case, the cast and brace saved my life. I can definitely see why that car accident made you a little nuts. Ll make it to the next stop on my journey soon. S obviously been having a good time at the parties and just being the life of the party. D be lying if you said you felt like giving her an extra hand with the wheel chair.

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