Jeremy Clarksons daughter breaks down on Instagram after users misinterpret her posts

Emily Clarkson distracted by cat-callers on the street

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Emily Clarkson, 27, is known to speak her mind on social media, however, not all of her followers always agree with her viewpoint and send her an “exhausting” amount of direct messages to let her know their thoughts. The daughter of Jeremy Clarkson admitted the sheer volume of replies to her stories had become overwhelming and had caused her “anxiety”, before she broke down in tears over the situation. 

After encouraging her followers to embrace the benefits of home working, Emily responded to the multitude of replies with a message aimed at all of her fans.

She typed: “I’m going to spend a few days out of my DM’s. Although communicating with you guys is my most favourite thing I am right now finding it EXHAUSTING.

“I know it is an impossibility for me to keep over 200,000 people ALL happy at any given time and normally I am very accepting of that, but just because personally am feeling really tired right now and I have no boundaries whatsoever with my work/home life (lol that’s an irony).

“I am finding the reactions to be quite anxiety-inducing, normally because someone takes on a thing that I’ve said, interprets it in a way that’s relevant to them and THEN reacts.”(sic)

Emily gave an example where she had interacted with her followers to get them to open up on experiences with their flatmates in a previous Vlog.

She continued: “Yesterday I was basically told I was promoting domestic violence with my stories about your irritating flatmates.

“Obvs the day before I was ‘trolling’ Hailey Bieber for laughing at her saying, ‘Justin has no flaws’ because Alex gave me a fright that made me wee myself. (sic)

“These messages mostly come with good intentions, it isn’t usually the contents of the message rather the delivery that I struggle with, so after a chat, I usually end the conversations on good terms. 

“But I think it’s just the sheer volume of perspectives. Sometimes gets a bit much for me and although I know it’s my job (that I do love!) I am just quite overwhelmed.

 “So I thought I’d address it because I’ve been feeling sh*t about for a few days xxxx It’s a me problem, I just wanna tell you how I feel,” she finished.

In her next story, Emily shared a screenshot from a disgruntled Instagram user who complained she should be using her platform to promote the safety and wellbeing of animals.

The influencer typed: “See even this like came in while I did that other story, I want to and do care about so many things.

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“But I can’t consider every perspective all the time.

“It’s not because I don’t care or I’m trying to be hurtful, I’m just one person trying my best.”(sic)

However, despite her vow to remain out of her direct message box, Emily could not help but take a peak, prompting the tears to flow.

Sharing a teary-eyed selfie, she wrote: “Me – I’m going to stay out of my DMs. Also Me – Crying reading all your DMs that are so nice. Thank you all.”

Last year, the daughter of famous petrolhead Jeremy spoke about the effects of filters on social media and how they impact people’s body image.

She posted a series of images showing how easy it is to alter your appearance with editing apps.    

The 27-year-old is the daughter of Jeremy’s second wife Frances Cain, and also has siblings Katya and Finlo.

The former Top Gear host split with Frances back in 2014 and is now dating Lisa Hogan.

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