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My experience has only grown expect to find me in the store. I need some help with this, my game has been deleted off all my friends devices. I dont know how it happened, but it could have been something in my reviews. My game was called Flirting which was rated 4 and was the best game in the store. It wasnt actually for women either, Unfortunately after the first 3 reviews I experienced the error code 3000119. Please help me out because I dont know what to do now. 09:10:33 PMhey i need to report a bug, can you do it. 10:06:34 PMHi, Could you please help me to delete my achievements. 08:34:29 AMThis game was rated 4, I had an email in my account that I used to report the bug on. It said someone would get back to me in a few days. No response, in four days my game was deleted off all of my friends game. Since it was a 4 I thought it was something I did, but I never had any negative comments about my game. I need to report the bug to fix it so I can play my other saved profile which is rated 1. 10:13:07 PMHey, if you want to report the bug please PM me, KJF since I cant do it online. 02:01:29 PMHi if any one needs to delete any achievements I can help as well i have the same problem.

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