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BeautyPlus has been an option for thousands of people and now with our app you can experience it for free. 1- 788657905781922Image caption The UK has long had a history of taking in refugees and war-torn nations including Burma and IraqThe British government believes there is enough evidence to try four men, including two Britons, for alleged war crimes in Afghanistan, according to a document seen by the BBC. A senior government source told the BBC there was solid evidence of abuses by British forces in Helmand province. The men could face a series of charges ranging from murder to torture, according to a source. There have long been calls for them to face trial. There is concern over the deaths of Afghan civilians at the hands of troops in Helmand in 2009. The Royal Military Police are investigating the deaths of 42 people, including 12 children, in a strike on a suspected insurgent hide-out. The BBC has chosen to withhold the names of the four men for legal reasons. No evidenceSpeaking separately on Tuesday, the official said: We have evidence which leads us to believe these men should face charges. Were confident but we need to get enough evidence to prove our point. The source said the Ministry of Defence, MoD, had been in possession of the information for a few months. Theres no evidence for this, but were confident that we have all the information necessary to get to the bottom of this, the source added. But the BBC has been told the MoD has yet to receive the document from the MoJ, which in turn received it from a third party. The MoD said it was unable to comment on sources, but we have been clear that we are confident that these four men should face a fair trial. The MoD insisted it was clear that British forces had not committed war crimes. This claim by the MoD that British forces were not responsible for any war crimes is false, it added. No evidenceThe four, a Briton, an Indian, a Nepalese and a Nepalese national, were alleged to have been killed in a 2009 attack on a Taliban base near the city of Herat. It followed an operation to clear Taliban insurgents from the area. An MoD official told BBC News that the Ministry of Defence was committed to bringing these men to justice and had already begun legal proceedings against this case. We are continuing with the legal action, the official said. We cannot comment on the details of the legal proceedings, but if allegations are true, these men would be entitled to justice. The source said there had been no.

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