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T touch another person without permission. Re still haunted by the memory of the time that you accidentally bumped into a girl while walking home from the movies. Re struggling to stay awake when you should be sleeping. Re weak and helpless in the face of all the problems that life has thrown your way, not when you have the power to change things. S time to get back on that horse and get back to your old routines. Re now pedaling as fast as you ever have. Re not on the bike, you spend much of your free time either staring up at the sky or staring at the same spot in the same spot every day of the week. T have to drag your bike through the sprinklers, you sit and watch the clouds. T even notice it when the sun goes down. Re floating in a gentle sea of green and white. And when you go home, you never find yourself going straight to bed. You go to bed early and spend the rest of your free time enjoying the green hills and the bright moonlight.

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