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You got one of the best deals I ever did see on any item. S a nice, long, gorgeous strand of hair. S going to be going to my sister and brother-in-law right. S a pretty rare shade, and I got some nice, soft, luxurious hair. T see me with that shit in my hair, can you. After your business with Nigel is done, you and Diana make your way to your room. Diana, on the other hand is still fumbling with her luggage and taking items out of bags when you get to your room. Diana, you can help yourself to whatever you want. S still fiddling with one of her bags. I thought you were staying put in one of the hotel suites. Why else would I be giving the rooms to those two people over there. Just keep your stuff where you found it and the other two people can use their rooms. S suite and enter the rooms belonging to the other couple. Nigel and his date are both pretty exhausted, so they let you use their rooms. T want to bother you by arguing with you about the room. Re a little surprised to ever see you again. You and Diana get the main rooms since all the rest of your luggage and clothes are there. Just as you and Diana were getting comfortable, you get a knock on the door. Mister and Miss Smith, is this the room you wanted.

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