Josh Duggar's Trial: Which Duggar Family Members Are Expected to Testify?

The pre-trial hearing held ahead of Josh Duggar’s trial was pretty standard, by all accounts. The hearing allowed both the prosecution and the defense to go over the evidence and discuss any last-minute motions with the judge. One of those motions is in relation to Josh’s previous, inappropriate behavior. Josh’s defense team has been trying to ensure that the molestation of several minors when Josh was a teen doesn’t make it into the child pornography case. The judge has not made a final ruling on that matter, but family followers did gain some insight into the process. Duggar family critics now know that the prosecution will call at least one Duggar family member to testify in a hearing scheduled for Nov. 29. 

The prosecution will call Jim Bob Duggar to testify at a court hearing scheduled for the day before Josh Duggar’s trial begins

Josh Duggar’s trial is just days away, but Duggar family followers are just now learning new details of the case. For months, there has been speculation that the prosecution would call Duggar family members to testify. Critics finally have their answer. It appears that the prosecution will at least call Jim Bob Duggar to the stand. 

According to several sources, the elder Duggar will testify about the molestation scandal that rocked the Duggar family in 2015. He is not the only witness scheduled to take the stand during the Nov. 29 hearing, and potentially, Josh’s trial, though. The prosecution expects to call a second witness to discuss the allegations. The witness is not a Duggar family member, though.

The prosecution expects Bobye Holt, a Duggar family friend, to testify

While it is pretty much confirmed that Jim Bob will be expected to testify at the upcoming court hearing, Duggar family followers are focusing their attention on a second witness. Critics first theorized that the protection could call family members as witnesses in the case shortly after Josh’s arrest. That doesn’t seem to be the case, though. In fact, it appears that the second witness in the pre-trial court hearing isn’t a Duggar at all. It also seems unlikely that any of Josh’s siblings will be expected to testify in the hearing or at trial. 

According to 5 News, the second witness will be Bobye Holt. Holt is the wife of Jim Holt, a former Arkansas State Senator. The Duggars and the Holts were once incredibly close. They appeared to have had a falling out around the time the Duggar family landed their first reality TV show. 

According to several sources, Josh told Bobye Holt that he molested several of his siblings when the incidents occurred. Her testimony is expected to focus exclusively on the events that took place in 2002 and 2003. Police reports revealed that four of Josh’s sisters were his victims. The identity of the fifth victim has remained confidential.  

No other Duggar family members appear on the witness list as of now

Jim Bob will need to be on hand for the court hearing scheduled for the day before Josh Duggar’s trial begins. Still, it is unknown if he or other members of his family will testify at the actual trial. The court hearing will decide whether the prosecution will be allowed to enter evidence regarding the molestation allegations. The defense has been fighting hard to ensure it doesn’t make it into the child pornography case. 

The judge has not made a final decision but did note that strong case evidence exists for its admission. If the judge allows for the molestation allegations to be used as evidence, Duggar family members may be expected to testify at trial. None of Josh’s victims have appeared on witness lists thus far, though. 

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