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You watch as a bunch of guys take their clothes off and take off their tops and underwear and proceed to strip the young man of his clothes. You try not to look at this grotesque display and watch as the young man begins to be brutally beaten and abused until his body begins to break and blood is oozing out of him. You look awayYou turn away from the disgusting act in disgust. A group of girls who were originally watching the act stop watching, they dont seem to be moved by it or moved at all. They just look at the men in the audience and then one of them runs from one side of the room to the other for a couple of minutes before her friends catch her to prevent her pursuit of the guy at the front of the room. The young man is on his way to the door of the room as you take a quick look at the door. You dont think the room could contain the blood loss and bleeding young man. You quickly move away and take a quick look at the young woman who you think is the young mans girlfriend. She looks at you for a second with some disgust, but then looks away quickly and moves to the door towards her boyfriend. Its not until you come back with a bunch of other girls and they all leave that you see what actually happened. The young man lies on the floor, still bleeding from his head and bleeding a lot from his body. The three other girls who were in the room earlier are all weeping too. Youre in a room full of people who are clearly very distraught and upset about this, and you dont want to listen to these sad, broken people who are telling you all about all the pain theyre going through. With that the girl who was in the room with the young man runs back towards her boyfriend. You watch as she runs towards him and you dont stop her from doing so. The man at least starts to calm down when he sees the girlfriend next to him. The girl runs back to the door she came from and slams it shut and locks it. The boyfriend stands in front of you, still crying silently. He has no idea what youre going to do, but hes glad you didnt stop her from calling him a faggot and saying the boy was going to dump her. Your thoughts on what to do in this situation arent your thoughts on how youre going to handle being called a faggot or a faggot who hates homosexuals or what the hell youre even.

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