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You dont want to watch itI was thinking of not watching this movie. So why dont you watch it then. Ill come back when Im in a better mood and in control of my mind. I dont know if this movie is ever going to go down well with the people. I mean there are things in here that you just know will cause controversy. And Im sure the filmmakers arent too fond of it either. Theres always the chance that some people will find it offensive. So Im asking you, you know, dont watch it. Take the time to really look at the issues before you make such a commitment. You know youre not going to be able to convince her. The whole situation has been awkward and you dont particularly feel like running away from it. You go with herNo, I think thats a bad idea. Ill never feel comfortable enough in a movie theater to look away and leave. Do you really want to go see a movie where all the main and only interesting person is a lovable lesbian. I really didnt think that was going to be the case, even if it is a poorly written movie and tries to be political. Are you going to see a movie at a place where youre going to be surrounded by people and feel uncomfortable. Then again I was drunk and I wasnt really going to give a shit about the movie anyway. I just thought it was really interesting that one woman could do this much for a person. If we actually had a strong female lead as in more than one woman, and this movie was a success, I wouldve been happy. Then youll go see this film, but youll go out of your way to make sure you leave it happy and with a good.

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