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You dont say anythingJust as well, I just said that. Im not sure if the town would be too happy, but the Gorbals are still here. You follow the tracks, coming upon the forest where you know where youre going. You follow them until you find them, and finally reach the city of the Gorbals. The city looks a lot like the one you remember: wooden buildings, an eerie and gloomy atmosphere. The streets look a lot more organized and populated with people. You also sense that they are a bit safer, like they are run by an army, a military force. You were afraid of the forest, and you were scared of whatever was in it. However, being in a city that is run by a military force is a different story, since they have guns. Even if they arent your size, they have powerful weapons, and you certainly dont have the strength to fight one. You hear the voice of a tall woman, clearly the leader of the city. Ve found you, is because we have never seen you before. The name is Murdock, and the last place you were is the forest. Murdock also says that as the leader of this town, he can give you permission to enter, which you are very glad of. What kind of monster could be so evil that he would want to hurt people, let alone have lost someone for two whole days. You explain the situation, but only to the best of your ability, since you have no idea as to what kind of people Murdock is. To make things worse, he is also giving you a strange look, as if he isnt really convinced about you actually being Mr. If you believe this, you have obviously been living under a rock the past two days. Murdock the Ghoul is the cause of everything bad that ever happened to you. Tell us what you saw, and we will help you. You arent sure about how to respond, so you let the story go, but when Murdock is done listening, he begins to laugh.

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