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Re glad you remembered the key to the outside door. Re as lucky for this as you were the first time you used it. You say as you step out into the lobby of the hotel. Re a lot more comfortable now that you think back on how uncomfortable it was to shower in that hotel shower you had last month. Re a little surprised to see other people walking around on the streets. S been awhile since you saw your family that was in town for the conference and it was really nice to see them. T remember them ever giving you so much as a single compliment about you all being in the best shape of your life or anything of that sort. Re looking around, you bump into a familiar face. She says also walking in your general direction somewhat nervously. D rather stay at a nice apartment than rooms at a Hilton. T think we have anything fancy enough for you, we only have one bedroom. Kate says not really knowing how to respond to that. M happy to stay at our place even. M so glad we can show our appreciation to you this way.

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