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The next day at school;The next day at school;This morning in the car on the way to school, Justin is driving, talking on his phone and looking straight ahead. Then when you get out of the car he is making hand gestures that a monkey is doing. The other people in the car start to make gestures too. When are you gonna figure out that you are being watched. You think as you slam on the brakes and then speed up again. This happens every fucking time, you say out loud. He had an older brother, and they were going to visit him that night. The dog growls, jumps on the van and goes for the passenger door. No, you say, you cant go anywhere. The dog turns, growls, hops on with the van and looks at you with its big yellow eyes. I want the dog to come with you, you say. No, you say, I want you to stay inside. You drive the van into the car and lock the door. You open up the passenger door and put your foot on the gas and then the gas and then the gas and then the gas. Then you turn the steering wheel to the left and keep going. The next morning, before class, you go to the classroom door and tell the teacher youre coming in. On the way in, you slam it and then turn to the left and then right. You are almost there when you hear your name being called out. You dont know my name, Bobby replies, but whatever you say, I have to go home. You ask Bobby to drive you home.

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