Kanye West Literally PEES On His Grammy Amid Fight With Label!

Kanye West is fed up with the music industry — either that, or he has serious bladder issues!

As you may know, the All Day rapper has been going off on Twitter for the past few days lamenting his contracts with Sony and Universal. Following in the footsteps of his frequent nemesis Taylor Swift, the hip-hop titan is trying to get out of his contracts and buy his masters so he — and, eventually, his children — can own his official recordings.

And while he may drift from one lofty goal to the next with reckless abandon, Kanye wants everyone to know that he IS serious about his fight against Big Music — so serious that he apparently decided to urinate all over one of his 21 Grammy awards. We wish we were kidding.

Ch-ch-check out the video (below) to see for yourself:

Looks like he’s pissed!

The kinky video comes after the 43-year-old’s days-long Twitter rant against his labels. As fans know, ‘Ye said he won’t release new music until he’s released from his contract — and made sure to call himself the “New Moses” during his tirade, because… Kanye.

He tweeted earlier this week:

“I’m not putting no more music out till I’m done with my contract with Sony and Universal … On God … in Jesus name … come and get me

In the next step of his battle to acquire his master recordings, Kim Kardashian West’s husband posted a text message between him and a legal expert with intimate knowledge of his contracts, suggesting that the superstar is considering taking legal action against Sony and Universal.

And don’t forget: on top of all this music drama, the fashion mogul is still running — sorry, “walking” — for president, and he’s causing people to scratch their heads every step of the way.

The independent candidate spoke with the New York Times over the past several weeks for a piece released on Wednesday and vaguely discussed some of the items on his broad campaign platform. While his campaign platform boasts more goals than specific policy initiatives — with police reform, reducing household and student loan debt, and bringing prayer back into school being some of his initiatives — the rapper is also committed to reducing abortion rates. So committed, in fact, the paper claimed the father-of-four asked his campaign staff to refrain from “fornicating” outside of marriage.

Yes, he’s saying no ex outside of marriage. Kanye.

This isn’t exactly shocking, seeing as Kanye had also asked his music collaborators to abstain from extramarital sex while working on his album Jesus Is King. But celibacy is kind of a tough sell when it comes from someone who posts a recording of himself giving a golden shower to a trophy, don’t you think?

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