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A one-stop shop plus Facial Salon and Nail Spa. You go to the Cosmic Beauty CleanYou are glad you went there. You were not that hungry and you get cleaned up. You realize you can not be clean all the time, it will just get disgusting again. But Cosmic Beauty Cleaning can help you be cleaner again, then your body will know you really are clean. Cosmic Beauty CleaningYou enter the Cosmic Beauty Cleaning with you. He notices that you are not dirty yourself, but now your face is. He thinks about cleaning your face and asks you what you think of it. You dont know, you dont care, you are just trying to stay clean. As time passes you feel the cleaners mind start to clean you. You can just see that the cleaner is cleaning you with his mind while cleaning you with the spray. Then the cleaners eyes start to see you more clearly. They start to feel your warmth and feel you touch. Your body begins to feel warm too. You are not clean yet, but you could be clean within minutes. Your body begins to feel clean, but your mind thinks it is still not clean. There are thoughts of the cleaner touching his body and maybe his cock. Your mind and body is still not clean, but the cleaner smells good. This is really good, your body is ready to be clean right now. The cleaner feels you body when he was cleaning you. He feels you warm body and the pleasant smell of your body. You need food and clean water to become whole. You cannot be clean and not have food or water at all, for you have been clean enough to be free, but you still have hunger. You cannot exist in a void as a goddess for all eternity without food or clean water. You want to be a goddess for a little while longer, and you can find out if you want that now without the need for food or water. You are given two bottles of clean water and two bottles of clean food, and then you are given a small mirror that can be used to look at yourself. Your body still has a slight taste of the cleaners mind on it as you are given the food, but you can smell it and taste it now. You will need to spend a few days with this condition to find out how you like your new found freedom.

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