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You Keith PowersKeith Powers you say in your head. Or will you ever get it together enough to even get your own place. You Keith Powers, Idiot, When you first entered the house your name was Keith Powers. Not the one you wanted to be, but you were getting by. Your life was a bit like the life of a typical teenager. The only thing was Keith Powers was just a little bit less typical. As you got older you got in more serious trouble with your parents. It got so bad that your mother was going to have to take you away from home. That was the year where you really began to learn what it meant to be a fucking loser. Your mother was really your biggest problem. You actually dont even know how she could be so stupid as to allow you into her house. As for your father, you dont even know why he wanted you at all. Every now and then youd try to run away but she was always always there to stop you. You had to do something to pay your way through school. And you had to do something to feed yourself. The rest of the time youd hide out at your Grandmas house for the weekend and then youd have to hide out again at your Grandma who was even less of a parent than your Mother. As for a man, youd rather be alone than get married to a man who was likely to let you run off to college every so often. The point is, if it hadnt been for your sister Sharon, you really wonder if youd be here. Sharon was your best friend all through elementary school and high school. You and her had so much in common when you were little, if something were to happen to you, you thought the other two would look after you, but it never worked out that way. Youd rather have her care for you than anyone else. Now that youre in your twenties, you still havent found a job. Your parents dont have any money these days and your sister Sharon is married with a little kid and they can barely scrape by. They dont mind you coming and going as much as they should, but you are just too much trouble sometimes. The only good thing about your life these days is that you still have your sister Sharon. You wish you could just get her out of the house, but you cant even make her see reason sometimes. It hurts you deeply every time shes with you, but shes your one and only. The problem is, sometimes you dont even like her when she goes.

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