Kerry Katona admits horrible boys have been bullying Heidi at school

Kerry Katona has opened up about her daughter Heidi's class struggles. The mum of five admitted that her 14-year-old has been having a "s**t time" since the family moved up north due to sum "horrible" boys at school.

Writing in her weekly column for new! magazine, Kerry also backed Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher's parenting choices after they revealed they don't wash their kids every day. Kerry also admitted that she empathises with Kirk Norcross who recently revealed he's been sober for three months after opening up about cocaine binges. Plus, Kerry praises her daughter Molly after a video of her singing on Instagram took off. The proud mum believes Molly is "a great singer and a great songwriter."

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Coming clean on wash time

Actress Mila Kunis and her husband Ashton Kutcher have admitted they don’t wash their kids every day, only when they’re dirty.

I’m with them 100%. I don’t bath the kids every single night. DJ has a shower probably every two days. I’ll give her feet a wipe down before she gets into bed but she doesn’t need a shower every day. I think that’s totally normal!

Even with me, I will sometimes re-wear clothes. If I wear a T-shirt, I won’t put it in the wash if it’s not dirty. I’ll hang it back up if it’s still clean.

School of fraught

My poor Heidi has had such a s**t time since we moved up north. She started at her new school and she’s made some good friends but some of the boys have been horrible to her.

They were teasing her about me and saying some really crude things just because I’m in the public eye. She came home in tears. It’s disgusting. It’s hard enough moving away, never mind having to deal with that.

I’m thinking about putting her into the same school as DJ now, which is a private all-girls school. Molly and Lilly also went there and it’s a brilliant school.

My Molly's on song

Molly posted a video of her singing on Instagram last week and it got quite a bit of attention. She has a bloody amazing talent! She’s so fantastic and wonderful. I’m super, super-proud of her. She’s a great singer and a great songwriter and I think she'll go far.

Keep it up, Kirk

Kirk Norcross has admitted he previously went on four-day cocaine binges and said he relapsed after losing his dad Mick to suicide in January.

I really feel for him. When my ex George Kay died, I almost had a breakdown because of things that were being said about me. It would have been so easy for me to turn to drugs but I went to my doctor instead and asked for help. I went back on antidepressants. It’s about who’s around you, and I had an amazing GP.

Kirk said he’s now been three months sober, which is great to hear.

Is male presence fitting?

A mum divided opinion last week after revealing her teenage daughter felt uncomfortable during her first bra fitting because there were men lingering around the changing rooms waiting for their partners. She admitted on a parenting forum that it seems unnecessary for them to be in the shop, while some people told her to get a grip.

I completely agree with her. If I took my 14-year-old daughter for her first bra fitting, I wouldn’t want any men around. It’s a big moment for a child and I wouldn’t want a man lingering outside the dressing rooms. I don’t care if they’re just waiting for their partners!

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