Killer/Killers of Idaho College Students Spared Dog's Life at Murder Scene

The savage killer/killers of 4 Idaho college students spared the life of a dog at the house where the frenzied attack unfolded.

The Moscow Police Department released a statement Monday night, explaining the pooch was found uninjured the night the University of Idaho students were fatally stabbed with a combat knife. The dog was initially placed in the care of Animal Services, and then handed over to a “responsible party.” Further details about the canine were not disclosed.

Meanwhile, police dismissed media reports theorizing that the quadruple homicide might have a connection to the recent killing — and skinning — of a mini Australian shepherd named Buddy, miles from the crime scene.

Dog Near Idaho Murders Location Skinned, Filleted Weeks Before Killings

Dog Near Idaho Murders Location Skinned, Filleted Weeks Before Killings

Dead animals were also discovered on another residential property, but they were victims of “wildlife activity,” cops said.

Moscow PD investigators have been working with the FBI and Idaho State Police to identify the still-at-large assailant/assailants. They opened an FBI tip line requesting anyone with information on the slayings to contact them immediately.


As we reported, police found the bodies of the students inside the home after responding to a 911 call on November 13. Two surviving roommates were also present, but they were apparently asleep and not involved in the attack.

They later called friends to the house because they thought one of the victims had fallen unconscious and wouldn’t wake up. Multiple people inside the house spoke with the 911 operator, using one of the roommates’ cell phones.

The authorities have maintained the attack was targeted, but they have yet to pin down a specific motive. They also have not located the murder weapon, which is believed to be a military-style knife similar to the one used by Sylvester Stallone‘s character, Rambo, in the 80s film, “First Blood.”

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