Kim Kardashian may be the most disliked celebrity in America, …

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I was going to post an old post with the most disliked celebs of all time, but I think you know the list. But anyways I guess thats enough of that for nowAlso I have no clue what number youre on since I dont keep my computer online all the time. Lol but you do deserve the number as it would seem you have the most correct answers right now You answer the question9. You have the most correct answers, I think, Im not sure, You have the most likes, I got the majority of a answers wrong, so I took the majority of the likes, You have the most likesYou have the most answers correctlyYou have the most likesYou have the most likesIn a post on its website, Apple has announced that it will be launching a new app store called iTunes U in 2016. A leaked copy of the announcement, which was first posted by MacRumors, suggests that the store will be similar to iTunes and iBooks, with apps coming to Apples retail store, as well as to iPhone, iPad and Mac users. Apple has yet to reveal any additional information about the new iTunes U store, but it would be a good opportunity for Apple to introduce some new services and features, in addition to revamping its iTunes Store. The App Store has seen some changes in the last year, including a new design, the removal of in-app purchases and the introduction of freemium apps for free. The App Store has more than 250,000 apps available, and the iBooks Store has more than 700,000 books. ITunes U will launch in 2016; the full announcement can be found below:THE NEW STOREiTUNES U, also known as Apples new store, is coming to the Mac App Store in Q3 2016. As you can see in the screen shot above, the store will be based on iTunes, but it will also include a few new features:iTunes U will allow you to purchase subscriptions from all your favorite music, movie, TV and sports providers. IPods will come pre-installed with iTunes U, and you can use iCloud to synchronize your libraries across your Mac, iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Windows PC.

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