Kim Kardashian Said Daughter North West Is a "Full Goth"

North West isn't your average eight-year-old. While most girls her age are still playing with Barbies and experimenting with their mom's makeup, North has developed interests outside those of her own age group (this is Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's daughter after all.) In her first sit-down interview since ending Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kim discussed each of her children's personalities on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, revealing that North is the one that likes to march to the beat of her own drum.

In a preview clip for Thursday's episode, host Ellen DeGeneres asked Kim about a photo of Chicago posing in front of her mom's Birkin bag collection. "She is my girliest girl that loves pink and purple and makeup. All my kids are so different," she shared, before adding: "North is like goth — she's into Hot Topic. She puts fake tattoos on her face, and she listens to Black Sabbath, and she's just like a full goth girl."

Surprised, Ellen asked, "How did she even learn about Black Sabbath?"

"I have no idea. I think TikTok," Kim replied while laughing.

Kardashian went on to note that North also gives her a hard time at home. "North, I thought she was gonna grow out of this like, 'I want to be an only child' phase," Kim said. "She hasn't." She revealed that even school carpool in the morning can be a struggle. "I'll have to separate the kids because [North] wants her own music, she wants her own vibe, she wants to sing with her [friends]. So I have to trade off. It's always a thing — bribes."

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