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Re being stabbed repeatedly and with every stab you feel a sense of hopelessness in regards to your own predicament. I was there too when you were really good. You say and try to grab the phone to call your friend Heather. Re losing focus of your other surroundings as you try to focus on Bobby. You really think you do know me. You really think you really know me. You know not everything you think. You turn around and see Bobby with his arm around you and his other hand on your naked breast. Re too excited to care about anything else. You wrap your hands around his hand and squeeze, causing him to release you and then you pull your hand away. T wait to get home and feel more. You feel like you have much to learn about life and all the things that go along with it. Bobby could be a good influence on you and give you a new perspective on living. You could even learn how to act like a lady and have him do all the dirty dishes around the house. You phone call HeatherYou know why you called Heather. You call back and tell her what happened.

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