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S full with the usual stuff, a couple of dollars in change for the train and some candy canes. Re a bit tired, but you also decide to go to bed early. S still light out when you get to the station. S night, but as you walk through it, you only see a few people on the platform. T even left yet, but the train is definitely approaching soon. You grab your bag and start to head to the doors. Re kind of hoping that it arrives a little early. You get to the doors and wait patiently, still not looking at anyone. Half an hour passes and finally the train stops. You take a quick look at the map and find a place to make a phone call. You call up a pay phone across the street from the station and pay for the person on the other end to give you their location. The call is put through to the person on the other side and at first you see them talking on a phone somewhere far away, but then the picture quickly fades to black and you hear a muffled voice. S the guy who took you to the place you worked as an office. You quickly hang up and hurry down the stairs as fast you can. S voice coming from the direction of the call center.

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