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You feel her hand on your back and then she releases your hand and lets go of your shoulders without even giving you a word. I guess I should know how its like not being able to move. Thats why this is the best thing thats ever happened to me. So Ill leave you alone now. She turns away and puts her hands inside her pockets and begins to walk away. You whisper to yourself as you walk after her. The next dayYou get up a couple of hours before the scheduled wake-up time and you take the opportunity to talk with your new girlfriend a little. You dont know what will happen, so you can only guess that she feels as you do. Can you stay here for a little longer. Youve always been a little worried about her. Youve seen her act clingy a couple of times already and you dont know if shes gonna be the same any more. And if she is gonna be the same, then youre not getting the girl you thought you were getting. Yes, but Im not ready to talk about it yet. You decide to keep trying to help her today, so that way at least shell be happy by the time shes ready. Even if that never happens, at least thisll give you time to be with your other half as well. You spend the day with your other half and as time passes, your other half seems to become closer to you. The next morning, your other half is already up and ready for the day. The next morning you wake up and your new girlfriend is already up. She doesnt really say much, but she does seem to like being around you. Im glad we can get along. Im glad we can get along too, darling. She doesnt seem to realize how much harder this is than kissing a boy in the past, when she kissed you.

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