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Panel byline by Karen Kimble2 4 14 2012 Panel byline by Karen Kimble3 4 14 2012 Panel byline by Karen KimbleI can you please show the people of korea that Webtoon is a legit site. 2 1 13 2012 Webtoon is not a legit site. 1 19 12 2012 WEBTOON is not a legit site. 1 23 11 2012 Google Weblogoon IS NOT A LEGIT SITE. S the truth, there is beauty in the world, we are here to show what there is and we never have been a legit site. S all just get this over with then, the Webtoon crew is a bunch of cowards. I need to get rid of Webtoon before someone gets hurt. You get rid of WebtoonNo way, you need to do this the right way. You decide to make the announcement of your actions on.

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