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Re not a sports fan and are really going to feel dumb. Re ready to take your brain out. Re going to have to take stock of your life and take steps to right those wrongs. With this new information in mind, you head to your destination. S old house, but the address is a little different. T get an answer and the lights go out. Re sitting in your old grandparents chairs. Ve wanted you to take this trip since you were the youngest member of the family. You think about the fact that you might not even know who your biological father is. Ve just been sitting in this stupid house. T stop shaking and you start to feel very sick. Then all of a sudden it stops and you feel completely normal again. You sit in bed for a while and try to get your bearings again. However, you do believe that something has happened to you and you are now in a strange position where you have to figure out what happened and what is going to happen to you. You get up off the bed to try to figure out what is going to happen to you. Re going to try to forget this ever happened. Re walking to the door to the outside, you hear voices. Well I guess I could say that your house is mine. My name is Dick Smith so if you.

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