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Re wondering what the hell you have to do to win this thing, good question. Well my grand prize winner will get a one-of-a-kind, signed photo of themselves with their name displayed on a screen, signed by both me and the celebrity they will be in a scene with. T even know there was a photo element to this, so you probably wont be able to hold up under the cameras glare when the winners get out. D probably be on your case first thing. Ve had the time to get revenge and get out with a feeling of victory. D probably be there for you no matter what. Ll see you tomorrow for the photo shoot. We can all meet up at the mall at night. T be hanging out with her, but she accepts defeat. Once you all get organized and are properly dressed, Alison grabs her cell phone. D say you should get a little group shot. T you have any friends or anyone you know you can go with.

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