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Mongol, Ich-Mongol Mongol Republic of, In a nutshell, youre a nomadic barbarian who has been living in a cave for at least 6,000 years. During that time, youve learned to make the best of life by feasting on livestock, mining ores, and plundering your neighbors. Youve also learned to keep your own language intact, and youve managed to keep the old ways, even if you dont recognize most people, and in time youve become one of the more accepted members of society. Youve even managed to keep a low profile during the last few centuries of the 20th century. Now and until the arrival of a group of human, and other alien, refugees from Earth, you lived in relative happiness and obscurity and even had the occasional celebration. A few people occasionally asked you questions about yourself and the history of your people but you usually dismissed it and explained that the questions and answers were a tradition of the old Empire. That all changed with the arrival of the first human colonists. For the past year you were watching from your shelter and occasionally the occasional group of colonists would arrive. Eventually the first group landed on the beach and immediately set about building what youd soon come to know as the city of Arrakeen. You watched them from your hiding place for a few days, but as the settlers and workers worked without you it was only a matter of time before one of them found your hiding spot. They were obviously under the impression that you were happy to take it over. They didnt have long to wait however as the first wave of refugees arrived. Authors Note: This story is based on the old version of the universe where the new Empire never fell and had a couple centuries to expand. In the new Empire, a century eventually turned into a millennium and the old Empire was never rebuilt. The old Empire had been conquered, the old Empire had been reduced and all that remained was the old heart of the Empire: the heart of the capital itself. This is where you are now, and this is where you have been for far too long. You sat down on one of the benches by the fire and had a long old conversation with yourself while listening to the voices of the others around you. One by one they were sitting down, one by one they were going to their rooms, one by one they were going to their meals and one by one each was going to his or her room. Eventually, as you watched the group of seven men and women going to their rooms in the old Empire, you asked:Why have they been doing this. You watch the others go to their roomsWhy have they been doing this. You said and then watched the group of seven go to their rooms, leaving you alone in the cold and empty shelter.

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