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Olivia Wilde: A-HolesOlivia Wilde is famous for her acting and many of her films had Oscar-nominated actors in the titles. She is also well known among the general public for being a woman that does not seem to have any known problems. However, she does have obsessive-compulsive disorder, OCDHer name and fame as a famous actress can be tied to OCD as the actor who plays her in the first film, The Tailor of Panama, has a severe case of OCD. He frequently keeps himself from going to certain locations and events, especially if they are hurtful to his mother, and he has also had the habit of compulsively checking for bloodincised wounds on actors. The character of the Tailor of Panama is played by another actor whose most famous role is that of a man with OCD. Hes famous for appearing in a television special in which he talks about his experiences with OCD. Another famous actor that has OCD is David Hyde Pierce, the author of the book, The Invisibles Pierces OCD has led to many of his films having the word OCD in their titles. Some of his films are:ShatterdayThe GameThe Curious Case of Benjamin ButtonThe Dark KnightThe Chronicles of Narnia: Prince CaspianHes the one who says OCD in many of his moviesDrew BarrymoreDrew Barrymore doesnt seem to have any known OCD. Barrymore has an actressmodel daughter named Brittany Laurer who has also been acting professionally, and she too has OCD. Laurer has the habit of checking her phone when she goes out. When she went on her first movie set to film a part which required her to leave her daughters apartment, she accidentally left her phone with the film crew, and now all of the Internet is buzzing about a burglar. Other people with OCDOscar-winner Morgan Freeman: In his own words, I dont believe that any human being, anywhere has ever suffered from OCD. But in one of his films, The Shawshank Redemption, he has this line: In my office. I have it on good authority that the only inmate in the maximum security prison is a sociopath. Actormusician John Hodgman: When a fan of his band, The Dead Weather, expressed concern that he might be suffering from OCD, Hodgman replied, We do have that in Canada. When asked what he meant by that, he replied, Well.

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