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Continue Watching Shane Cianna in The PlagueYou: What makes you think he was straight edge. The Dude: And they found my body outside a bar. The Dude: But the cops have been fucking with me ever since. The Dude: Itd probably be a lot easier to track me now. The Dude: Im not like some of those other dudesThe Dude: You ever find a girl with a guy. Were not all gonna get it right the first time. The Dude: Lets try and figure it out together, okay. The Dude has a few choices to make and theyre all rather strange:He could pick a girl and be with herHe could pick a female stranger and be with themHe could pick a female friend and be with them both. I choose the third option for a completely new experience. I mean how do you know where Im headed and where Im stuck. Me: I dont know where the paths are, Im still a little lost. But how do I know I wont go on a date with some girl and end up in some terrible place for the rest of my life. The Dude: Youll be here before you know it, okay. You hang out with the Dude all the timeThe Dude: What time is it.

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