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The last one is a bracelet that, when we turn it in, will help to cure our baby girl of cerebral palsy or what would otherwise be a pretty bad condition. The only other thing that we can think of is a bracelet that will prevent her from becoming a human sacrifice. If we turn it in, then we can receive it.

Well, if you dont mind, I think its time for a change. You run with Suzy and she runs with you, but not too fast and not too far. After about half an hour of running, you reach the edge of a cliff. You take a deep breath and look at the sun. You can see the stars through the tree line. You can also hear the sound of crickets. You say looking at a map you have brought along on your way. You are not sure how to react when she does not immediately say anything in response to your comment. You just stand there and smile at her. It turns out that her smile made you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, you get up off the ground and she follows you. Suddenly you see something that might have been the most beautiful sight you have ever seen on this earth. You go to the villageYou step back to get a better view of the village and there they are. Tiny, white houses with a roof made of straw. These houses are very neat, tidy and all very well made. They are standing there in the middle of nowhere, they could be there for years if they needed to. They just stand there as though waiting for someone. A small, well thought out settlement, with no evil or trouble in sight. The two of you approach the little village and it seems all the villagers are there. You see a few kids playing with their dogs on the cobbled street beside the tiny village. You cannot imagine how old they must all be; maybe even more than a hundred. The kids cheer and wave back, but they are not from there. A place they have never been to, but perhaps another time they shall be. The kids giggle and run off to do just that. They look at you with curiosity in their eyes. A couple of days ago we played this same game with a bunch of different kids from your town. They were all from different ages and had their own ideas on how the game was to be played. M not related to anyone in your town.

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