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You ponder the situation for awhile and finally head to your usual meeting place. You arrive at the usual place and see a group of people milling about. S population to other things that have been on your mind lately, like the upcoming election. Ve explained your situation, this woman seems to have a better understanding of your situation than her companions. S come up with a few ideas she thinks could accommodate you. S so hidden off the beaten path. The next day you go and check out the place you were told about. You are given a tour of the place which you are impressed by. T familiar with, but then again you never spend much time out in those parts. Finally you see a beautiful manor house right in the middle of the woods. The place has the feeling of something that you could own one day. T feel comfortable with your life at the moment. Re going to do it now, then you need to make the best of it. T afford to be worrying about the future when you should be trying to enjoy the present. Over the next few days you take interest in as many things as possible in this house. You eat some of the food that the owner has provided and feel a little better about yourself. T go hungry, but he also never goes above your financial means. When it comes time to head out, you decide to go with the owner.

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