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Instagrams growth, and, growth with hashtag, and Facebook is, coming to an end. Re going to let the people on this platform do what they want. You think Instagram was once a fun way for you to post your selfies. You think it was a big step up from the old Facebook, and it was fun until people started abusing it. Re probably going to stop doing anything related to Instagram. Re pretty sure most people are going to see you as the person you are now. Re not really one to care what other people are doing on the Internet. You make some new friends on Twitter in general. Re all very happy about living on the Internet in general. Not many people have given you a second chance on Twitter. Re probably still not liked enough. No worries, just wanted to let you know. You make some more new friends when going on your morning walk in the neighborhood. You go back to doing what you do in general. T really worry about stuff going on outside anymore.

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