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The only thing to do is to get the picture of them all of course. You decide to try a different approach: You go to the place where you had sent the pictures of the women: the photo album left in the bathroom. You see a bright object in the center of the screen which looks like an old computer screen. You dont remember seeing something like such a thing back in the old days and think that someone might want to do this for themselves so as to test the computer they found in the hotel room Now you press the button for turning on the overhead lights in the room. The computer turns on and shows that the object is displaying, as you had guessed, a list of pictures of women:You press the button for taking a closer look at one of the pictures:You are taken to a small menu with a lot of choices:For selecting a picture you select the most appropriate one which shows two naked women in very short skirts, it is too late to change the selection now, and you proceed through the menu. On the screen you see a list of five options which are the same as the ones you saw when in the bathroom:After selecting the picture I am taken to your room.

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