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Most of The Actors You See On A Screen Are Actually Shorter. You Know Who Would Be Most Interesting To Start A Talk With. You are just finishing your conversation with the old man and as soon as the sound of the door being opened makes you jump, you take a step back and realize that in a split second, you had completely missed what he was doing. You had been watching the young girl with the red hair, but now the old man has disappeared as suddenly as he had appeared. The girl then sees the old man and she begins to wave her arms and run toward him; she is obviously very excited. You are very unusual, the old man replies, a bit awkwardly. Im very excited to see you, sir. Do you know why I asked you to wait. Im sorry, but I dont know exactly. I think its because Im going to see a ghost and I dont think someone whos going to see a ghost should see me before I see him. I can make things a lot easier for you if you tell me who you are. You are an AmnesiacYou seem to be familiar, you say, as if remembering something. I used to go to your school, you say. The old man looks at you from the top of his head to his toes, as if trying to determine your age, but you are not old enough to have a family name yet. Its a very nice name, the old man says. You could be very proud when you grow up. I dont want to become a professor, you say. The face turns the color of a dried-up pail of water. You continue to stare at the old man with your curious eyes.

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