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You want to see more of them in their natural state. The men looked even better now in short, dark clothes that were much better suited for this season. Their hair was also much shorter now and there were no long strands reaching their knees or upper chest. In the end, you could see that they were indeed handsome men with long hair. You were surprised you even said that. After that moment, you didnt say anything else at all. You just kept looking at these men in the room and you didnt make a single complaint. You didnt even look at the women in their natural state again. You really want to see these men in their natural state again and you want to see more of them, youll be happy with this. Time passed, and the time was coming where you could look at some of them as they really were, as they really look on the surface of the planet. You kept looking at them in different states and you found out that they actually looked like each other in different lighting conditions. However, it seemed like you were looking at their bodies on a regular day, but their faces didnt make any difference anymore. Even after looking at them for a long time, you still couldnt tell their true faces. At this point, the two guys were still staring at you and you were still keeping watching them. They were so different from what you just saw just now. Ive come to ask if youve found any more people like me. You said as you were pointing at the men while still watching them. You continued viewing the men and after a while, you started noticing another thing. They seemed happy while these other people looked uncomfortable. These people might be happy on the surface of the planet, but they had a lot of problems down here. These people looked down on by these two was a man from New Jersey and another woman from California. They were in a long conversation and the man seemed to be talking a lot more than his wife did and she wasnt a loud one at that. The man seemed pretty nice and had a clean appearance. You could even tell he was really intelligent. She was so upset that her husband was complaining so much that she looked like she wanted to punch him in the face at times.

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