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You dont really care what the title says, youre just surprised to hear it from some unknown news outlet. You continueABC NewsA photo of a mannequin has gone viral on social media. The mannequin has gone viral among teens and social media users, and youve seen it posted by other people. The mannequin in question is one used for a television show known as the Mannequin Challenge. People have been impersonating celebrities in the Mannequin Challenge, or in other words they have been making up celebrity quotes as if they were spoken by them. This is where the mannequin pictured came from, and now you know where you can take your chances against the mannequin. But before the Mannequin Challenge can be made up by humans, there are rules set in place that require that human actors be used in some way to help keep the show authentic. It does seem that this is a more realistic way of living, if you think about it. You have to find a way to make the mannequin work just like the celebrity whos face youre trying to impersonate, and once the mannequin is working, you have to try to keep it from falling apart or breaking down when the time is up. The Mannequin Challenge is currently part of a 10-day contest. If you can do the challenge in the correct amount of time, youll receive a cash prize. You havent really read anything about the Mannequin Challenge on the internet, theres a Google search button somewhere to do that. You continueABC NewsABC NewsThe ABC News photo has gone viral on social media, and so far it appears to have a wide audience. There have been other photos taken of this mannequin which have received some attention on their own. The mannequin pictured in the photo has a red face, and it appears to be in bad shape. Many people are wondering if this person is really who they say they are, or if theyre just pretending to be who they say they are. A new craze took the internet by storm this week.

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