Many actors, musicians, and athletes have said that theyre …

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There are 21 Christians you know are also celebrities. The top 10 Christian popularities You cant believe that this is only 10 names. You decide to not believe it is only 10 names and to check the other names in a few more lists. You type in JESUS CHRIST in the GoogleAt the first result, you see that the word is not listed and that the term Christian is included instead. You type in JESUS CHRIST in the GoogleSitting in a corner of the restaurant, you and a few other patrons discuss the news that the ECS has been making headlines for the wrong reasons. You see ECS members arguing with one another and members of the public that believe the organization is a criminal organization that is doing grave harm to the community. How do I know that they all wont be killed this week. You ask to the woman sitting next to you. They are a criminal organization, we all know it is. You dont care but the more you think about it the less it feels like an answer. What this means is that despite the fact most of you are ECS members, for whatever reason you dont feel like you can trust them. You wonder if you can trust some of them.

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